NinjaBull is dedicated to helping musicians succeed, and introducing fans to the best independent talent in their area.

As a company, and as individuals, we value integrity, honesty and fairness.  We believe in “paying it forward” and we believe in our local music scene.  Every artist that we work with must support their local music scene as well, and work to create a positive music environment that encourages fans to experience their local talent and promotes collaboration among musicians. Download Printable Brochure.

Our History

President and CEO Nina Kelley-Rumpff started NinjaBull because, in helping one of her husband Gary’s bands, she quickly realized how time-intensive it is to research and use all of the tools available to expand fan base, gain visibility and get more gigs. Taking with her all the skills gained through a successful Project Management career, with background in Knowledge Management and Social Software, Nina formed NinjaBull Entertainment Solutions with the simple mission to help artists succeed. We believe in, and contribute towards, a vibrant and supportive music scene in Philadelphia and beyond.  We believe we can help.You work hard to create a great sound.  Let us work hard to get that sound heard.